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We are delighted to announce that three independent, unannounced audits conducted on our business during 2007 have shown us to be compliant with the standards required by BASIS (Registration) Limited, the National Association of Agricultural and Amenity Contractors and NPTC (part of City & Guilds).

These audits examined on-site working practices, office and storage procedures and client satisfaction with the work we conducted on their behalf.

Our clients can be confident and secure in the knowledge that our business operates in compliance to legal, safety, Code of Practice and best practice standards.

As a result, Weedfree Limited has achieved Amenity Assured Certification

The AMENITY ASSURED standards are also endorsed by the Pesticide Safety Directorate, the Environment Agency, the Amenity Forum and the Crop Protection Association. Also by the Local Government Association where pesticide application is deemed the most appropriate course of action, following deliberation of all options.

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