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Autumn 2009 Comes To An End

With another successful year and a continuing 100% attendance record, Weedfree Limited are proud to have been involved with Network Rail’s autumn remedial services and in contributing to the rail network’s best ever November as train punctuality and reliability over autumn 2009 hit record levels with delays cause by “leaves on the line” cut by 40%.

Robin Gisby, director operations and customer service, said: “Most of the rail network has had a good autumn, with delays cut and train punctuality at record levels. It hasn’t been the easiest autumn with some extreme weather and awful flooding affecting passengers and train operators in some areas. However, the hard work Network Rail and the train operators have made in making our railways more resilient is paying off.”

Weedfree Limited provided more than 3,000 operator and depot support shifts during the 2009 season. Weedfree Limited was responsible for 24/7 management of replenishment and train dispatch of the MPV (Multi purpose vehicle) fleet across the Southern Region using four strategically located depots, in Anglia and in North London and for providing trained operators to control the jetting and sandite deployment of over 40% of Network Rail’s 56 strong fleet of specialist trains.

Train delays nationally have seen a 40% reduction on the same period last year and punctuality has also seen significant movement over the period with a 30% improvement.

Notably for Weedfree Limited, train operating companies in our areas of operation showed significant improvements in train performance of between 4 and 6 percentage points (where significant improvement is recorded as being over three percentage points by Network Rail) resulting in more than 85% of trains arriving either on time or within the prescribed margins of 5 minutes for commuter trains and 10 minutes for longer distance services.