The latest weed control technology is tough on problem weeds, but that doesn’t mean that it’s detrimental to the wider environment.

Large industrial operations have always come under the spotlight regarding their attitude to the environment and Weedfree takes the issue extremely seriously – concerns that are reflected in the approach we take to our work.

All Weedfree employees receive dedicated training, which allows them to perform their duties in the most environmentally safe way possible. We only use approved pesticides and adhere to strict codes of practice for their safe use. Our site surveys take full account of the possible impacts on wildlife, water and the general environment.

Weedfree are fully accredited to advise on the safe use of pesticides, meaning our clients get the right products for the right application, as well as the best possible results.

Our waste collection services are carefully managed to prevent potential pollution and contamination, and wherever possible waste is recycled to minimise the environmental impact from other methods of disposal.