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Mowing Obstacle Treatment

Amenity grass in parks, cemeteries, roadside verges and housing areas has to be cut regularly to keep these areas open, safe and looking at their best.

Grass cutting machinery can not work right up to obstacles such as trees, manholes, lighting poles and street furniture without risking damage to the machine and to the infrastructure.

Keeping these uncut areas under control by strimming is slow and labour intensive work that generates considerable noise pollution and the risk of flying debris.

The Weedfree answer is to apply a total herbicide in a narrow band around the base of each obstacle.

Two applications in a season can eliminate the need for repetitive strimming, and allow grass cutters to work faster and more efficiently.

Very low doses of carefully targeted herbicide, applied by our fully qualified professional operators, can improve the look and use of amenity grass, while at the same time reducing environmental pollution and damage.

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